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A dream is a sensory experience that is produced by your subconscious mind while your physical body is asleep. Dreams can be realistic reflections of one’s real-life environment, or they can be complete fantasies. Everyone’s dreams are about 4-6 every night, although you can’t always remember them when you wake up.

Everyone’s dream is different. Some people dream in color, others in black and white; Some dreams have sound, some are in total silence; Some dream from the first person point of view, others rise above and take part in the action themselves. Some dreams recur in our lifetime, others simply forget when we open our eyes in the morning. If you are lucky, you had lucrative dreams, the way you know you are dreaming. Some dreams are very good, we do not want to wake up from them. Other times, nightmares wake us up and cause us stress.

While we may never know for the definite importance of our dreams, the subconscious mind and soul often leave messages for you in your dreams. Some of these messages are subtle and easy to remember, others are clear and easy to understand. Enter the art of Dream Interpretation, a practice you can use to tap and strengthen your intuition

What is Dream Interpretation and how does it work?
Dream Interpretation is the process of examining the content of a dream and giving it meaning. This can often be done by distinguishing specific elements or symbols. Because we all share streams of consciousness, there are certain symbols and arctic ones that often appear in our dreams that have common meanings.

For example, weather can represent our emotions, houses or cars often represent our bodies, and people in our dreams represent a part of ourselves. You can see the common meanings of people, places, animals and things that appear in your dreams in a dream dictionary and find meanings that resonate with you.

While there are some symbols with common meanings that the dream interpreters have identified over the years, the truth is subjective, especially in the dream. You are going to be your own best interpreter because you are the expert on you!

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Why is Dream Interpretation Important?
People from all cultures and religions have been interested in dream interpretation for centuries. It was the Egyptians who built the first dream dictionary about 4,000 years ago. Today, many cultures still practice dream interpretation regularly.

In practice, the dreaming act can help us to revisit repressed memories and recognize unresolved apprehensions residing in the subconscious so that we do not have to be controlled by them in our awakened lives. Dream interpretation is meant to strengthen your connection with your intuition, the means by which you can communicate with your soul. Dreams open up a vast repository of information about us and the world around us which we cannot awaken in the physical realm.

The work of dream interpretation also affects the physical body. Because the brain cannot determine the difference between a dream and an actual experience when we sleep, the body will release stress hormones and experience emotions as a result of certain dreams or nightmares. If you have ever woken up many times through the night as a result of a nightmare, you have experienced this for yourself. Man needs enough sleep to survive. Not only this, if nightmares persist over time, major mental health complications can occur.

How to remember your dreams
Remembering your dreams is the first step in dream interpretation. Keeping a dream journal next to your bed, where you can write memorizing your dreams as soon as you are awake means that you will be able to identify larger patterns. As we mentioned earlier, intention-setting is a powerful tool in dream interpretation. Before sleeping, tell yourself that you are going to remember your dreams tonight.

and take care of yourself. Exercising, eating healthy, and eliminating drugs and alcohol can also help you remember your dreams better. Healthy body, healthy mind.